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Sisters & Seekers Menu

Pancakes Waffles Crepes

Your desserts for today will include :-


Belgian waffles

French Crepes

American Pancakes

Just add your favourite Sauces and Fillings from the menus below

Dessert Sauces :-

Lemon & sugar
Cinnamon / Sugar
Kinder bueno sauce

Nutella sauce
Biscoff sauce
Caramel sauce
Salted caramel sauce
Smooth peanut butter sauce
Chocolate sauce
White chocolate sauce
Chocolate orange sauce
Whipped cream
Maple syrup
Golden syrup

Dessert Toppings :-

Biscoff biscuit crushed
Mars bar
Crunchie bar crushed
After eight mint thins
White chocolate milky bar
Terrys chocolate orange pieces
Snickers bar
Kinder bueno bar
Bounty bar
Giant marshmallows
Fresh sliced banana
Fresh sliced strawberries

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