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Vintage Ice Cream Van Hire

Our vintage ice cream van can be hired out all over Cheshire for weddings, parties and social events.

As well as our usual ice cream we also offer vegan and gluten free ice cream, and also vegan and gluten free pancakes

The van is an original 1970's ice cream van with its original, and working, whippy ice cream machine.

We have also added an ice cream display freezer so we can serve you real dairy ice cream as well as whippy ice cream!

Impress your guests by offering them a selection of flavours from our hard scoop display freezer

Try our fantastic deluxe ice cream milkshakes, using whippy ice cream or dairy farm ice cream, mixed with milk, we can make delicious thick ice cream milk shakes!

You can choose between different flavours shown below, and add sauces, mix in sweet bars, choose your favourite toppings and top it all off with whipped cream and more sauce!

vintage ice cream van hire serving Mr Whippy ice cream and ice cream milkshakes by cheshire Vintage Fair

Soft Serve - Street Style Mr Whippy Ice Cream

Whippy ice cream vanilla flavour
Whippy ice cream Salted caramel flavour
Chocolate flavour ice cream
Jordan Finnan serving Whippy ice cream
99 Mr Whippy ice cream
Caramel, Vanilla, strawberry and chocolate ice cream.

This soft serve ice cream can be served in either wafer cones, sugar waffle cones, tubs or trays.

Whippy ice cream comes in deliscious creamy vanilla, but we have a huge selection of sauces and toppings to flavour your ice cream treat. take a look below at our sauce menu for ideas.

Hard Scoop - Real Dairy Farm Ice Cream

Vintage ice cream van serving hard scoop ice cream.
Real dairy ice cream served in waffle cones
Vintage ice cream hire Cheshire
Vintage ice cream van hire for wedding catering
Real dairy farm ice cream being served by Desserts for Weddings
Dairy hard scoop ice cream served by Desserts for Weddings

This ice cream is best served in delicious sugar crisp waffle cones.

We use the finest real dairy farm ice cream, supplied to us by

Cheshire Ice Cream Farm - Kelly's of Cornwall - Snugburys Ice Cream - Backford Belles Dairy Farm.

Showcased in our onboard display freezers, making it easy for you and your guests to see the flavours we have on offer



Kinder Bueno




Mint Choc Chip

Rum & Raisin

Honey Comb

If you prefer different flavours then just ask us, we can order any of your favourite flavours!

We also serve gluten free and vegan ice cream

please ask for more details

Create Your Own Tray - Soft Serve

Kinder bueno ice cream tray
Skittles ice cream tray
Mars bar ice cream tray
Create your own ice cream tray

Choose a Tray or Tub or Cone and have it filled with ice cream

then choose your favourite sauces and top with as many sweet bars as you desire!

Real Ice Cream Milkshakes

Vintage Ice Cream Van Hire and crepe van hire by Cheshire Vintage Fair
Vintage Ice Cream Van Hire and Crepe van hire by Cheshire Vintage Fair
Ice cream milk shakes by Cheshire Vintage Fair
Ice Cream Van Hire serving delicious milk shakes

Deluxe milk shakes made with real ice cream

mixed with your favourite sweet bar

topped wth whipped cream and any sauce you fancy


A shot of espresso poured over ice cream

You can have the espresso poured over hard scoop ice cream or whippy ice cream

Hard scoop ice cream comes in different flavours

and for an extra treat have it topped with sauce and biscuits

Ice cream &
Milkshake sauces

Vanilla Cream

Original Red Raspberry

Original Blue Bubble Gum

Biscoff Sauce

Kinder Bueno Sauce

Nutella Sauce

Caramel Sauce

Salted Caramel Sauce

Terrys Chocolate Orange Sauce

White Chocolate Sauce

Milk Chocolate Sauce

Maple Syrup

Golden Syrup

Smooth Peanut Sauce


Regular Ice Cream Milkshakes

made with milk & icecream

available in -

Small - Medium - Large





White Chocolate


Kinder Bueno Hazelnut

Peanut Butter


Red Raspberry

Blue Bubble Gum

Whipped cream - extra    

Sauces - extra

Ice cream tray &
Milkshake mixers

Milky bar

Chocolate Orange

After Eight Mints

Mars Bar


Bueno bar

Bounty Bar


Twix Bar

Lion Bar

Toffee Crisp


Chocolate fudge sticks

Chopped Nuts


Pink sherbet dust

Blue sherbet dust

Blue millions

Pink millions

Rainbow Sprinkles

Chocolate Sprinkles

Biscoff biscuit

Gingerbread biscuit

Oreo Biscuit

Ice cream cone &
Milkshake toppings

Cadburys flakes

Chocolate fudge sticks

Rum & raisin chocolate

Pink sherbet dust

Blue sherbet dust

Rainbow coloured sprinkles

Chocolate sprinkles

Chopped nuts

Biscoff biscuit pieces

Mini marshmallows

Oreo biscuit pieces

Crunchie bar pieces

Blue & pink millions


Design your own

Deluxe Ice Cream Milkshakes

made with milk & icecream

available in -

Small - Medium - Large


Drizzled with your

favourite sauce

Mixed with your

favourite sweet bars

Topped with

whipped cream

More sauce!


Your favourite toppings




made with milk & icecream

available in -

Small - Medium - Large


Mixed with your favourite sweet bars


drizzled with your favourite sauce


Topped with whipped cream

Topped with more sauce


Topped with ice cream toppings



Twix bar and caramel sauce

Lion bar and caramel sauce

Mars bar and chocolate sauce

Toffee crisp bar and caramel sauce

Milky Bar - and white chocolate sauce
Bueno - Hazelnut kinder bueno bar and kinder bueno sauce

Orange - match makers and chocolate orange sauce

Mint - After eight mints and mint chocolate sauce

Gingernut - biscuit and chocolate sauce
Biscoff - biscuit and biscoff sauce
Oreo - biscuit and chocolate sauce
Jaffa - cake and chocolate orange sauce

Snickers - bar and peanut butter sauce
Bounty - bar and chocolate sauce

Maltesers and chocolate sauce

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